Acrylic Works specializes in high-tech CNC machining of a wide array of plastics. We will always deliver your product at the right price, always. We have capabilities in our facilities to fabricate unique designs that will meet your demands and expectations. We have extensive experience that will fulfill every task and order according to every specification. If you need help drafting your design, we will advise you and design it for you, then we will choose the plastic materials for your project.

We have earned reputation by delivering on time and always relying on our manufacturing team and equipment. Be sure that you can trust JM Acrylic Works to manage, manufacture and deliver your Project with top industry quality standards.

We can even deliver your custom prototype or high volume production. We believe that the best customer experience, high-performing products and designs as well as a strict quality control, will give you the confidence and the best customer satisfaction, from beginning to end.